About the Juice

1. What are the ingredients used in e-liquids?

2. Should I refrigerate my juice?

3. Do you use natural flavors?

4. Are your ingredients FDA approved?

5. Where should I store my juice?

6. What is the most popular flavor?

7. How long does a 30mL bottle last?

8. Can I vape VaporBoost e-liquid anywhere?

9. Do you use diacetyl-containing ingredients?

10. Do your products contain real tobacco?

11. Can VaporBoost juice help me quit smoking traditional cigarettes?

12. What is the PG/VG ratio of your e-liquid?

About Nicotine

13. What nicotine level should I order?

14. What is the most popular nicotine level?

15. Is your nicotine safe?

About PG and VG

16. What does PG stand for?

17. What does VG stand for?

18. Is your PG safe?

19. Is your VG safe?

FDA Related Questions

20. Is VaporBoost FDA regulated?

21. Are your ingredients FDA approved?

About Tanks / Atomizers / Cartomizers

22. Can I use VaporBoost e-liquid with a tank system?

23. Can I use VaporBoost e-liquid with a cartomizer?

Shipping Questions

24. What is your shipping policy?

25. How fast do you ship?

26. Are there expedited services?

27. Do you provide tracking information?

28. Do you ship internationally?

Payment Methods Questions

29. What credit cards or debit cards do you accept?

30. Can I place an order over the phone?

Return Policy Questions

31. What is your return policy?

32. Can I return my juice?

33. How long until I see a credit on my account?


34. Do you accept new flavor suggestions?

35. How can I suggest an idea?

Health Related Questions

36. Can I be allergic to PG?

37. Can I be allergic to VG?

38. Can I be allergic to nicotine?